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Samantha M.

We visit a lot of campgrounds with our camper, this was our first time at Claremar twin lakes. They blew us away, and it is now hands down our favorite place! We have 4 kids ranging from 15-3yrs of age and there was something to do for all 4 of them. The beach is amazing, clean, has tons to do, and helpful and friendly lifeguards! The campsites are taken care of to a T. We didn’t even have to level our camper because the gravel was so nice. The park closest to the beach was amazing too! The kids played for hours on end! We were too entertained by the beach. Bring a pole, there are some nice-sized fish to catch!! We fished a lot! The camp store looks tiny from the outside but has everything plus some in it! I could keep going on forever, visit this place it’s fantastic!!! Oh, and they have the cutest little RV rentals and Tepees too!!

Lisa H.

Camped for and extended weekend. Staff was incredibly helpful. Campgrounds were clean and our trailer was spotless. Food Truck was a really really nice amenity. Was so cool to shop for garden fresh produce and Amish fresh baked goods! If you have kids, the beach and water sports area was incredible.

Judy Y.

We have gone twice so far this year and have another stay booked in a week. We stayed way in the back of the park near the amphitheater which was a little more secluded and away from activities. We rented a golf cart so didn’t mind being farther out and the view was so pretty! We have also stayed lakefront and watching the sun set and being able to see the kids on the water was great. I cannot wait to come back next year and see the new pool and shower house. The staff has been really great for both our stays also.

Jessica P.

The people that run this campground has the utmost compassion for their visitors, they make your stay here enjoyable and memorable! The campgrounds are so clean and beautiful! I love this campground, and the wonderful people who run it! I cannot find words to explain how awesome the staff is here, if we need a campground to camp at, this will always be where my family goes!

Robert S.

I love this place. We started going here to visit my sister who purchased a camper here. The lake is stocked and the swim area is fun with inflatables. The place is not crowded like some campgrounds. They have great food trucks on the weekend. You can rent a golf cart or a kayak and even a camper or teepee. We liked it so much that we purchased a park model.

Lynda C.

I’ve read many reviews about this campground. Our first time camping here and my family enjoyed our stay. There is several construction going on but that shows that the owner wants to improve the campground and that says a lot. We will be back for sure! They best part was the Aquaglide! Kids had a blast, I recommend to bring your own life jackets if you have anyone under 18. You can rent there life vest.

William S.

This was our first year at Claremar as seasonal campers. We love our site and all of the campers around us. Very friendly and always ready to offer a helping hand. We have renewed for next year and can’t wait for May to arrive!

Susan A.

Certainly would recommend Claremar Twin Lakes to others! Staff was friendly, sites were clean and up-to-date, lake was beautiful to sit by during our evening around the campfire! Plan to book our sites again, next year! Thank you, for providing a nice camping option, close to home for us!

Karen F.

We spent 3 weekday nights here in September. It was so relaxing, quiet, and allowed us some time away from the craziness of the world. Great fishing. I will attach pics. Can’t wait to go back.

Sarah R.

Camped for the weekend. Great place. Reasonable rates. The staff was friendly and helpful. Sites are decent. The lake and swim area is awesome. We will definitely be back.

Peggy H.

ALWAYS have a great time here. Can’t wait until the pool area is finished. Will be back Labor Day Weekend and even talked my sister and cousins into renting spaces as well.

Nicky C.

Gorgeous place. My BFF and I went there for a going away party for my SIL and BIL as they sold their campsite. Had a blast. Got to fulfill a lifelong dream and stay in a teepee. Prices are great and the people are very friendly.

Terry G.

The beauty of this park is refreshing. Lots of things to rent. Firewood, ice, small store for necessities. It’s expanding with sewers and a huge pool. People very friendly and they sell breakfast, a different food truck on the weekends. Loved it there.

Vanessa B.

Perfect family atmosphere and well managed and manicured property. Absolutely beautiful lakes and setting. The staff and seasonal campers are beyond friendly. Perfect setting for family adventure, party or event such as a wedding. Highly recommend.

Keith K.

This was my second time staying and each time was an outstanding experience. Campsites or a nice size they were clean the restrooms and showers clean. The beach area was very nice through plenty of activities for the children. But I cannot say enough about their staff I am disabled and a veteran and they went out of their way to helped me when I needed it. there staff all always friendly and nice. I have stayed another camper I would say this is among the top three that I’ve ever stayed at I’d recommend this for any Military personnel and there Families.

Tracey H.

Hi! We are new seasonal campers this year, not just here at Twin Lakes… ever 🙀
So I wanted to share a really touching experience we just had.. and I’ll apologize now because this will be LONG. 😅 If you read it until the end.. thanks!! If not.. I completely understand.. it’s a lot.. 😉
So Friday we were at the beach. My son is on the spectrum and he has major sensory issues and anxiety.. especially around water and crowds.. So as you can imagine it can make certain situations like here..hard.
My son brought his best friend for the day, he’s been waiting to bring her and we finally got the chance. His bff is always his biggest supporter/motivator.. she’s his voice of calm.. (it’s the most amazing friendship I’ve ever seen with kids.. )🥰
Anyways.. since we started coming to the camper, there have been awesome changes for my son.. he now goes barefoot on the beach (a HUGE accomplishment cuz he NEVER goes barefoot anywhere.. even IN our home!) He has gone INTO the lake water.. (to him it’s “dirty” water) and has played with other children on his own, that he doesn’t already know.. (normally he gets super overwhelmed and he has social anxiety with too many kids around)👏🏻👏🏻
I homeschool him, and we have started coming as much as possible since opening weekend. (A wonderful perk of homeschooling 💖) we mostly come during the week when it’s less crowded. We come as often as possible and he has really blossomed here. Even his fear of bugs/bees is almost gone. (ANOTHER HUGE THING!) 💖
So on Friday (6/24) I wasn’t surprised when he begged me to try and go on the aqua glide with his bff!! This is a kid that won’t go in deep water. Won’t put his face in water (struggles with showers) and even with a life jacket on.. he won’t go in very deep…(but he’s been eying that aqua glide all season..) 🥺
I knew it might not be a great idea but I never want to tell him not to try something new.. so when he asked if he could get on my back and if we could swim out… I said sure!! And let me tell you that was NOT an easy thing to do .. swimming in deep water with a scared & stiff 9 year old on my back at almost 48.. that was never in my life plans.. 😂😂 BUT somehow I did and we got out there..
I pushed him up onto a platform and he FROZE! He was TERRIFIED!! 🥶
He started crying hysterically and begging me to get him off.. then screaming for the lifeguard to bring him a boat! His body was locked up and stiff on that platform.. I was able to get him calm enough to get back on my back (there was a bit of wrestling him to the edge..and then his bff calmly coaxing him through it..) and we swam back. Well I swam.. he cried hysterically. 🥺
When we got back he ran up the beach bawling and threw himself down on my beach chair and I could see him shutting down.. (this happens to him after a scare, or injury.. it’s an adrenaline dump and he usually completely shuts down for a few hours..) it’s like a nap.. while awake.. 😞
So this is where I share about Michael.. the beach attendant on Friday.. (I hope I’m right with his name.. I asked around and believe this was him..) 🙌🏻
He immediately started talking to my son and asked him if he knew what the word “brave” meant. Then he proceeded to tell my son how if you do something, even if your terrified out of your mind.. and you try it anyways.. it makes you brave. And then he told my son how brave he thought he was. He continued talking about other brave things.. (like our military men and woman) and within 15 minutes my son got up to play again in the sand. He didn’t completely shut down!! UNHEARD OF for him!! 🙌🏻👏🏻
Michael didn’t know my son is on the spectrum. He didn’t know being told he is brave is something my son needs to hear often. It’s something he asks me if he is.. and needs to be reassured about it almost daily.. (I’m not sure why but it’s his “thing”..) but somehow, he connected with my son and knew exactly what to say, and he literally saved my sons day.. so he may not have needed to jump into the water in a lifesaving emergency kind of way and drag this old lady out (although I was close to needing help lol) but he certainly helped my son in the most amazing way.. by being kind. His parents should be incredibly proud of him. And I’m not sure if I said thank you.. so I’m thanking him now and I hope I get the chance in person soon 💖

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