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2023 Season Begins In:
Claremar Twin Lakes Camping Resort – 250A, 252A, 254AA, 255AA, 272A, 274A, 276A, 278A, 284AA, 286B, 293A, 295A, 303A, 320AA, 324A, 328AA, 407AA, 409AA, 445A, 459B, 461B, 479A, 481A, 483B, 495B, 499B, 508B, 509B, 511B, 517B, 542A, 547AA, 550AA, 552AA, 554A, 556A, 558B, 560B, 562B, 563SP, 564B, 566A, 569AA, 570B, 571AA, 572AA, 575AA, 576A, 579AA, 582B, 588SP, P-01AA^, P-03AA^, P-17AA
Camp Life RV^^ – 019A, 028B, 045B, 095AA, 101AA, 105AA, 173B, 209AA, 233AA, 241A, 301A, 309A, 315SP, 317SP, 323SP, 325SP, 416A, 420A, 446AA, 490AA, 492AA, 506SP, 527SP, 599SP, 638A, L3A, P27SP, P29SP, P31SP, P37SP, P39SP, P41SP
Consignments Campers* – 052SP, 072AA, 088SP, 093SP, 103AA, 111AA, 113A, 121A, 177B, 313SP, 314AA, 419SP, 440A, 482AA, 506SP, 625SP

Seasonal tours are available daily to look at sites. While you do not need to make an appointment, they are encouraged. Please contact us at 440.647.3318 today!

Site availability & site code is subject to change – please confirm with the campground manager for the latest list.

^ 30 amp service only

*Consignment campers – Please visit for more details.

^^Sites are only available with a purchase of a new trailer or Park Model from Camp Life RV – Please visit for more details.

Current list as of 11/01/22

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Activities & Park Events

Never miss out on the fun with many ways to explore and discover. From BINGO games, Hay Wagon rides, Food Trucks and more; we have something for the whole family!

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