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2023 Season Begins In:
Claremar Twin Lakes Camping Resort – Q08A (301), S15A (445), S16A (443), S32AA (409), S33AA (407), T19B (517), U14SP (527), W26A (542), W32A (554), W33A (556), W34A (558), W35B (560), W36B (562), W38A (566), W40B (570), W41AA (572), W43A (576), W45B (580), X07AA (575), Z01AA^ (P1), Z02AA^ (P3), Z09AA (P17), Z44A (638)
Consignments Campers – C10SP* (052), D14SP* (088), NO3A (304), N09AA (314), Q14SP (313), R21A (440), S27SP (419), V14SP (625)

Seasonal tours are available daily to look at sites. While you do not need to make an appointment, they are encouraged. Please contact us at 440.647.3318 today!

Site availability & site code is subject to change – please confirm with the campground manager for the latest list.

^ 30 amp service only

*Sewer Site

Consignment Campers – Please visit for more details.

Current list as of 03/29/23

Come tour our park! We can’t wait to see you and your family.

Activities & Park Events

Never miss out on the fun with many ways to explore and discover. From BINGO games, Hay Wagon rides, Food Trucks, Weekly Entertainment, Kids & Teenagers Activities and so much more; we have something for the whole family!

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